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College of Pharmacy Profile

Welcome to the DMU College of Pharmacy website, which we hope will provide an informative and attractive window to our teaching, research and engagement activities. Our College was founded in 1993 as Department of Clinical Pharmacy at Dalian Medical University and was renamed as College of Pharmacy in 2001. Since that time, our college has played a leading role in pharmacy education and professional activity in the area. We are particularly proud of our consistently high scores in pharmacy research and social services, especially the excellent quality of our graduates at all levels, many of whom are now professional, research and educational leaders nationwide.

The DMU College of Pharmacy is one of the most highly rated pharmacy colleges in the northeast of China. The college offers two majors, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy. The enrollment for clinical pharmacy started in 1993, ranking the second in China, and the first in Liaoning Province. The length for the Clinical Pharmacy Program is 5 years and the graduate will receive a Bachelor of  Science (B.Sc) degree. A 4-Year Pharmacy program was set up in 2003 and the graduate will receive a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree. We are highly rated both for Teaching Quality and for Research and offer all our students the opportunity to receive a first class education.

College of Pharmacy has five teaching and research centers, and one comprehensive Pharmacy Laboratory for students. Our college provides students with diverse specialized courses, including Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Drug Analysis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Natural Medicinal Chemistry, Biological Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Administration. Our college offers one Doctoral Program in Integrative Pharmacology, one Master Program in Basic Pharmacy, one excellent teaching team of Liaoning Province and one key discipline of Pharmacy. We have 8 Ph.D. advisors and 20 Master tutors. We established one State Teaching Quality Project as our specialized construction project, one Model Major for Undergraduate in Liaoning Province, two Key Labs of Pharmacokinetics and Drug-transport (Liaoning Higher-Education and Department of Science and Technology, respectively), one Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center (Innovative Anti-hepatitis Drug Engineering Research Center of Liaoning Province) and the Lab of Phase I Clinical Pharmacokinetics of State Food and Drug Administration as well as other discipline platforms.

We believe that staff is the foundation upon which notes are drawn, and more than 80% of our staff members have Ph.D. degrees with well-established professional and educational background while rest of the members are Excellent Master graduates. Our team includes 12 professors, 14 associate professors, 15 lecturers and 10 lab technicians. More than half of our staff members have oversea study experience.

With a more than 20-year tradition of educating leaders in pharmacy, our College is proud to deliver an education focused on both knowing and doing, on individual achievement and on meaningful collaboration in a supportive environment that fosters intellectual risk-taking. The College now is serving a total of 549 students, among which 186 are enrolled in Pharmacy and 363 in Clinical Pharmacy. High quality of our graduates makes them highly competitive in the pharmaceutical market, research institutes, hospitals, and medical enterprises. In the recent years, the employment rate of our graduates remains above 98%, and many graduates have chosen to continue their higher education in China or abroad.


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